2 Ways You can Try to Retain Traffic on Your Website

The homepage of your business website has the power to make or break user behavior. The site you launch must always be monitored via heatmapping and A/B testing to check how they are interacting and how can this be made more efficient. If the bounce rate is more than 50 percent, it signifies that people are visiting your site and redirecting back to the referrals instead of exploring your internal pages. There are many reasons to why people leave your website, and you can fix them as well. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Too many ads

Many websites let banner ads to be showcased on their website to add revenue. This may seem like a good way to make money, but it also cannibalizes the web sales from frustrated customers. Apart from the ads, visiting a page that automatically plays videos or sounds also refrains the customers to bounce back. So, as Maybank Singapore says, ensure to not display such ads.

  1. Unorganized structure

If your website has a single and unified message on your website or a CTA that lets users to explore more, that is great! When a website has a structure that flows well, it helps in increasing your conversions and retention rates. Always keep a track of most visited pages and put those links to your homepage to make it easily accessible for your users.

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