4 Ideal Places to Install Security Cameras in Jewelry Stores

Places like banks and jewelry stores are very dear to thieves as they are high-value places. Jewelry stores are, in fact, the dream destination for the robbers, petty thieves, and cons. There have been so many cases wherein the jewelry store owners are duped by people who posed themselves as customers.

To protect the jewelry stores, owners are increasingly relying on surveillance systems, which can record and transmit live coverage 24×7. If you have a big store or a multi-level store, you will need a comprehensive and advanced system to keep an eye on each and every area. However, there are a few places where the security cameras should ideally be positioned in a jewelry store.

Entrance and Exit

Both the entrance and the exit of the store should be under surveillance day and night. Though most owners also keep a security guard, it is important that these areas should be under security camera surveillance. This helps in nabbing and questioning the suspicious people and aids the guard to keep a vigil on people entering and exiting the store and also at a limited area outside the store.

Overview of Store

The complete store area, including the wall showcases, jewelry cases, galleries, staircases, and lifts if any, should be completely covered with security cameras. The cameras should also be placed in the complete public view with few in strategic points placed hidden too. Once the customers and the employees are aware that they are being watched, they will refrain from doing any mischief. The software for these cameras should be updated on a regular basis to prevent any malware or trojan horse etc.

Overview of Customer Area

It is a common practice of robbers who come in the disguise of customers. Once the salesman gets busy showing them things, they either steal or replace the original item with a fake one. These conmen first look around the place and if they find that the customer area is well under surveillance they will quietly change their target destination.

Employee Area

Many times, the employees of the stores turn out to be culprits stealing things from the store. If the camera is installed in the employee area, then they know that they are being watched. This deters them from doing anything malicious or stealing ornaments.

Security cameras for jewelry showrooms are not an option but a mandatory requirement.

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