Custom Build V/S Saas (Software As A Solution) System For Your Factory

The rapid growth of cloud-based software solutions has literally shaken up previous myths about in-house development is the fastest and lightest approach.  Putting this rapid growth into your factory floor will mean more efficient and better management of your production with better data and information structure will help push ahead of your numbers with the same time and work. SaaS solutions like Gemba Walk allow easy adaptability and course correction.

Customization Options

Although in theory, custom-built software is completely customizable for your needs and SaaS software meets most needs for most companies, however, SaaS won’t necessarily be completely customizable.

In reality, the belief that all requirements can be met with custom-built software is an illusion. Factors such as resource constraints require prioritization of features which can get super messy. Not all requirements are met always and it isn’t highly recommended either since most people barely use a fraction of a product feature at the most. Quite often, organizations end up building overly complex software which affects the user experience which limits the usage of the custom-built software solution. It also diminishes the overall quality of the custom built solution.


SaaS solutions incorporate best practices from different industries and companies into product development thereby ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. This ensures optimal utilization of features that are baked into the product based on user requests and helps build an ecosystem that can be used for multiple applications.

Customization & Product Improvements

When you build your own OTT platform, you add or remove features as you go along the product development process, however, the time and resources needed for those additional features would be more, whereas, for SaaS-based services that come with pre-built functionality, any custom feature can be added based on client’s requirements at an added cost. The time duration and the cost involved are way lower than the time and resource investment for a custom-built solution.

Upgrades & Support

 For a custom-built solution, once the software is built, the resources are allocated to other projects so any new upgrades on the software are mini-projects in themselves that eat up time and money. Also, maintenance and support for the existing platform requires investment in resources in terms of manpower and also they may not offer 24*7 supports unlike SaaS wherein typically if users need help with any of its features, support is just a phone call or an email away and customer support is immediately available at any time.

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