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SEO Report Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid Making in 2019

Using useless KPIs

Every brand you work with is unique, means every SEO strategy to be implemented would be unique too. So note than not every SEO report must be same with the same KPIs. The techniques you use can be basic, but the goals are never the same for any client you work with. Hence, the SEO report of the client must always bear client’s own particular goals and other aspects as well. For instance, the client may want more traffic, but it is neither actionable nor meaningful. In other words, they can gain more traffic, but it is useless if it doesn’t get converted. If they have less traffic, but higher conversion rates and better leads, then why not? Want to have the same for your website? Call MediaOne now.

Neglecting the fact that you need one

Probably the biggest error you can make here is neglecting the fact that you need the SEO report in the first place. SEO reports are a way in which the client knows the status and progress of the work being done by you. SEO reports are penned by the numbers displayed right in front of you. Some people take SEO lightly, because they don’t understand the long term value of it. On the contrary, SEO reporting is very essential, as the numbers being presented to you show the real investment is in the essence of SEO itself.

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